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In the ring, under judgment, the dog will often look his best...the excitement, the energy kicks in, and  you have that heart stopping moment when he catches fire, tunes in and turns ON!  These are the pictures that create dramatic, unforgettable ads, not to mention, those wonderful images that keep memory alive.  They aren't easy to take!


There are those special times, when only a portrait will do. Whether it's a head study, an environmental portrait in the landscape, the true picture must show not JUST a dog, but THAT dog. It is imperative for us, that each portrait brings out all that makes your dog an individual. The personality, attitude, everything that makes the dog unique, must come through, so that what you  have is not simply a representation of the breed, but the actual dog himself. .


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Show Schedule/ 2021 

Well you're guess is as good as ours !  We WILL see you down the road.  Be Safe !

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  SavoieFaire and IMAGE...ination ringside and portrait photography attend many shows in BC, and some in Alberta. (Look for the booth with the Big Red banners!!)

We shoot ringside candids, and arrange for portrait work at the shows. Each day at our booth, all the pictures taken the day before are available to be viewed. You can see the shots, make your orders right on the spot, and the pictures, hard copy/electronic or combinations of such will be sent directly to your home on our return. On a long trip we will mail from the road!! Easey-peasey.

If you were not at the show, (but your dog WAS), or were not able to get to the booth to view proofs, and you HOPE we caught you, simply contact us on line, and inquire. We will either email you proofs or make a private viewing site for you so you can choose.

We do  not post proofs publicly to protect our clients from having shots of their dogs used as advertising by unscrupulous folks selling on Internet happens more than you would believe. Your privacy and our pictures are important to us.



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Phone number:  250-594-4045

For information on larger print sizes, print to canvas (giclees), graphic and ad design please contact us.




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